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The philosophy of Valle de Sensaciones

Communal exploration in paradise

The primary goal of this project is to create a conducive environment for organic, creative communal living experimentation. What sets the Ecovillage Laboratory apart from other ecovillages or similar communities is the absence of a pre-established group of residents. This unique aspect allows for unfettered exploration of diverse human dynamics, providing temporary participants with the opportunity to genuinely experience a sense of community without conforming to pre-existing social structures.

Prospective members can join the Ecovillage Laboratory through two avenues:

Establishing a nearby Home Base: Individuals can join by having a nearby home base that caters to personal needs, with the Resonance Hub serving as one viable option.

Temporary Participation: Alternatively, individuals can join for a limited time frame, offering the flexibility to leave if challenges related to human interactions, infrastructure, or weather conditions become overwhelming.

Regardless of the entry route chosen, a prerequisite for participation is membership in our association, "Valle de Sensaciones." Additionally, participants must take responsibility for their own health and safety and assume liability for any potential damages caused.

It's crucial to note that Valle de Sensaciones operates as a non-profit project. All contributions made by participants are utilized to sustain necessary resources, maintain existing infrastructure, and introduce new experimental constructions to enrich the environment. The overarching aim is not financial gain but rather the continual enhancement of the community's experimental ethos.


The eco-technical infrastructure aims to be of easy usage while at the same time being educative. This concept together with the artistic appearance attracting interest got the award for "investigation on renewable energy" by the Caja España in 2002.
A laboratory to explore human issues arround love and sexuality
In the Eros Lab we create a protected field of trust, truthfulness, and open and honest communication. This supports each individual, as well as the entire circle of people, to step into authentic expression and to take full responsibility for their experience, including for the arising emotions and processes and to give space to any questions around love and sexuality.
Living your creativity in sensual contact with nature

The Valley of sensations invites you to open your senses. Feel the clay around you, with which some of our living spaces are built and enjoying a clay bath. Wake up in a tree or sleep in one of our beds under the stars!

Find all kinds of materials in nature: river stones, cane tubes, olive wood, flexible willow branches, ... and let your creativity be inspired by all this.

In this place there are no huge constructions that separate you from the influence of nature, there are no straight walls at right angles, as in nature ...

Hugo Kuekelhaus, German architect and creator of the 'Experimental Field of the Senses' (parks with interactive facilities) said:

"Walk a few kilometres on straight asphalt roads and you will get tired of your path. Walk the same distance through a forest, seeing animals, crossing rivers, ... and you will arrive revitalized."

Before embarking in the adventure of the Valley of Sensations, its original creator Achim Burkard made two experimental fields of senses ('Wild rose' Ecovillage, Germany and the retreat centre 'Casa el Morisco', Malaga, Spain) and then felt the call to integrate this concept into a real-life experience -where you not only visit a park with independent objects for a few hours but lives in a whole environment that invites experimentation and where the community is one of the central elements...since our tribal nature is one of our roots that connects us to nature.

Here is waiting for you ... The Valley of Sensations.

And as a little boy said, while playing with the vegetation of our small stream and calling his mother: “Maamaa! I know why it's called Valley of Sensations ... this place is full of sensations ..."

Come and explore them!, with open senses and your creativity.