el Valle de Sensaciones


Full Moon Celebration

A weekend to celebrate the magic of the moon and get in touch with the elements through the Arts

A weekend to celebrate the magic of the moon and get in touch with the elements through the Arts You can arrive on Friday afternoon; We will be getting to know each other with a tasty meal and preparing our next fullmoon day together. On saturday, we will start a land art action in communication with the earth and the water: with the gifts of the river we will make our sculptures. Working on the riverside, connected to the energy of the flowing water, will open new channels for our creativity. And when the night arrives ...

Space sound string

The magic sound of infinity

There is a 50 meter long musical string running over the middle point. It is tied on the eucalyptus tree on the other side of the valley. Its sound reaches the pentagonal resonance room through an aluminium stick. Due to the length of this string, its basic pitch, this means its basic vibration, is so slow that it cannot be heard by the ear, but it can be seen by the eyes.


Sound space in the belly of mother earth

Come in into the cave, into the belly of the earth. In this darkness you will also come in touch with yourself, with your inner voice, maybe with your intuition, or maybe even with your fears. This cave has the shape of a dome; this makes the voices and other musical instruments sound magical and powerful, and seem to get across the earth and across your own body. The resonance pitch is in tune with the earth pitch and it is therefore in tune with the main pitch from our planet, which express itself also in the transition of day and night.


Water in a swinging flow

The special form of these bowl make the water, which is pouring into them, swing. It swings and forms an “eight” shape, as a wave which flows alternately to one and the other wing of the bowl. This movement is not only magic for the viewer, but it also stimulates the capability of water to clean and regenerate itself. It corresponds to the natural flow of water, which moves vibrating into the shape of meander.


Sounds are living between roots and branches

Awake the sounds which are dreaming in cavities and niches and between the roots. Achim found this ancient olive tree which was hanging out in an artificial lake in Portugal. It must have stayed for a long time in the depths of the sea, until its rotten roots brought it to the surface. The many holes that it has tell about its maybe millenarian history. Now there is a sound dreaming in each of those holes and is waiting for you to discover it.

Solar sculpture

Surprising functions in the crazy energy structure

The energy from the sun is transformed into electric energy by some solar panels build into the sculpture. You can follow this process through some measuring electronic instruments which are visible through a glass. This installation feeds the complete illumination of the garden.