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Nature spaces

Living spaces embedded in nature...

Embedded in this natural paradise we created many small artistic spaces. They provide privacy to its inhabitants and they inspire individuality with their unique character. Everything in the valley is in proximity. The place offers many hidden corners and places, each one with a different ambiance.  The group as well as each participant can freely oscillate between community and private time.

Discover the nature spaces in the valley

These spaces are waiting to be discovered and experienced by you. Each one offers unique sensations and a specific feeling of living in nature. The constructions demonstrate the basics of eco-living and present a wide variety of sustainable building techniques.

Artistic and cosy clayhouse

Discover comfort in a snug haven molded from our clay, where the interplay of earthy tones and graceful forms harmonize to provide a welcoming cocoon.

a sphere high up in an olive tree
sacred geometry in a olive tree

The Icosaeder, nestled amidst the olive branches above our pool, unfolds its five triangular sidewalls to transform into a pentagonal sanctuary. Here, you can relish the cool Sierra Nevada breeze while enjoying the dappled shade provided by this innovative and natural retreat.

Living spaces inmidth nature under the stars