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Living together

8. September 2014 to 15. October 2014
Part time participation is welcome

During these days the Valley of Sensations is open to participate in a flexible way. All people who want to enjoy the place and be part of our transition towards an Ecovillage laboratory are welcome.
With all participants we celebrate an intensive community life, using the community mandala, having talking stick circles, spontanous parties and much more.

Goddess time

6. November 2014 to 16. November 2014

This will be a period where women come together, share, connect to their female power and create a „Women's-Temple“. The base for the temple is already built. It is a round clay building, where we will create together a creative entrance, a floor (incl. underfloor heating) and a „Mandala“- roof.

Event proposals

Actually there are no sheduled events