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September 14 - November 30 Creative community Co-working space
01. Dec to 31. Mar Community experience Laboratory time
April 1 - May 29 Creative Community Co-working space
June 17 - 24 Game of Creators Workshop
July 8 - 17 Wild Women Journey Laboratory time

Creative community

September 14 - November 30, 2015
Part time participation is welcome

This projects are planed for this period:
* Clay construction on an outdoor shelf
* Finishing the mandala roof above the goddess temple
* Construction of a sweatlodge with integrated rocket heater
* Construction of a cane dome as prototype of our future cultural center
* Finishing the mosaics on the compost toilet
* Woodwork and painting on our treehouses
* Artistic permaculture landdesign

Community experience

1. December 2015 to 31. March 2016
Event proposal
the concept is not fully defined

Creative Community

April 1 - May 29, 2016
Event proposal
not opended for application
Part time participation is welcome

Kreativität wird das Tal erfüllen, während wir in Gemeinschaft leben.
Eine Zeit in der kreative Menschen sich treffen, gemeinsam oder nebeneinander arbeiten und dabei Inspiration und Wissen teilen.
Künstler sind herzlich eingeladen das kreative Feld zu genießen um sich Ihren eigenen Werken zu widmen: Bildhauer, Maler, Schriftsteller, Musiker,....

Game of Creators

Learn to love all your emotions

June 17 - 24, 2016
Event proposal
not opended for application
Part time participation is welcome

The creators game supports us in learning to be the creators of our life. It allows us to express and learn to love our emotions and feelings.
In this deep process we are guided by the experienced facilitatior and founder of the Game - Angello Clemente.

The creators game is inviting to an inner journey to our deep emotional world.
We learn to express our true feelings playfully and spontanously. Deep understanding and healing can happen.

Wild Women Journey

July 8 - 17, 2016
Event proposal
Participation in the entire event is required