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April 24 - June 18 Creative community Co-working space
May 29 - 31 Creativity with natural wood Workshop
June 26 - July 10 Wild Women Journey Retreat
July 13 - 19 Gaia Tantra Workshop
July 20 - 30 Eros & Gemeinschaft Laboratory time
July 31 - August 2 Vollmond-Zelebration Celebration
July 31 - August 23 Summer in paradies Retreat
August 24 - 30 Elsewhere Laboratory time
September 1 - 6 The Intimate Body Workshop
April 1 - May 29 Creative Community Co-working space
June 17 - 24 Game of Creators Workshop

Creative community

Individual artwork in a field of inspiration or communal work on the objects of 'Valle de Sensaciones'

April 24 - June 18, 2015
Part time participation is welcome

Creativity will be spread through the valley whilst we live in community.
A time where creative people meet, work together or next to each other and share inspiration and knowledge.
Artists are warmly welcome to enjoy the creative atmosphere while being devoted to their art works: sculptors, paintors, writers, musicians, ...

Creativity with natural wood

Working with organically grown wood to create houses, sculptures, furnitures, etc.

May 29 - 31, 2015

Wild Women Journey

June 26 - July 10, 2015
Part time participation is welcome

Valle de Sensaciones invites all women to journey with the wild nature within!

Build together with clay and connect with the earth!
Share with women and exchange female wisdom !
Time to be truthful to our your feelings and emotions!
Discover our shared feminine, wild power within!
Embrace song, dance and celebration!

Valle de Sensaciones will be open for two weeks, welcoming women who want to be together in nature. Women who wish to be wild, authentic and open to what arises during the journey.

Gaia Tantra

The Tao of Love-Drinks

July 13 - 19, 2015
Participation in the entire event is required

For our ancestors the interplay of earth and sun was seen as the dance between male and female. In their spiritual ceremonies they also honored the special meeting of God and Goddess.

GAIA-Tantra leads us to a knowledge about our sexual connection towards natur and the development of our spiritual powers.
We will work on balancing of our male and female side and on the healing of our sexual injuries.

Eros & Gemeinschaft

July 20 - 30, 2015
Event proposal
the concept is not fully defined
not opended for application
Participation in the entire event is required


July 31 - August 2, 2015

Wir zelebriere die Magie dieses Tales im Licht des vollen Mondes.
Dies ist auch eine gute Gelegenheit die Philosophie, Bauten, Objekte und Sensationen des Valle de Sensaciones sowie gleichgesinnte Menschen kennenzulernen.

Summer in paradies

July 31 - August 23, 2015
Part time participation is welcome

Summer. The valley feels even more like a fruitful oasis of wellbeing in the midst of the hot Andalusian mountains. Now we will enter into paradisiac life.
All activities happen at ease, often spontanously, without fixed daily rhythms. There is a lot of space for impulses of every single one, for a fluid togetherness and communitarian happenings.
We combine life in community with natural living spaces, music and dance, ...
We welcome creative expression, nudism, massage as well as love and sensual contacts.


an experiment in permission and possibility

August 24 - 30, 2015
Participation in the entire event is required

play, intimacy, self-expression and authenticity

“A gym for the soul”

“Elsewhere is everything else you are, when you’re not doing what everyone else wants you to do, when you’re not being what everyone else wants you to be…everything else, is what Elsewhere is…”

The Intimate Body

Tantric and Shamanic Circle

September 1 - 6, 2015
Participation in the entire event is required

The body is ancestral, holding a memory of everything we have lived, yet it is ever new, able to create both disease and health at all levels depending on how we use our own potential.
A living extension of earth and sky itself, the body has a gender and an age, yet it is androgynous and ageless. It has a shape, but it can shift its very skin.

Creative Community

April 1 - May 29, 2016
Event proposal
not opended for application
Part time participation is welcome

Kreativität wird das Tal erfüllen, während wir in Gemeinschaft leben.
Eine Zeit in der kreative Menschen sich treffen, gemeinsam oder nebeneinander arbeiten und dabei Inspiration und Wissen teilen.
Künstler sind herzlich eingeladen das kreative Feld zu genießen um sich Ihren eigenen Werken zu widmen: Bildhauer, Maler, Schriftsteller, Musiker,....

Game of Creators

Learn to love all your emotions

June 17 - 24, 2016
Event proposal
not opended for application
Part time participation is welcome

The creators game supports us in learning to be the creators of our life. It allows us to express and learn to love our emotions and feelings.
In this deep process we are guided by the experienced facilitatior and founder of the Game - Angello Clemente.

The creators game is inviting to an inner journey to our deep emotional world.
We learn to express our true feelings playfully and spontanously. Deep understanding and healing can happen.