el Valle de Sensaciones

Taller GAIA

Weaving dreams with Water, Earth, Air and Fire

Water, air, earth and fire are the 4 elements around which our life is based. Understanding their character and potential is basic for a conscious life with nature. Whether it be designing and creating the place, a garden or biotopes; building houses and toilets or generating and making use of energy; be it through artistic expression or in the continuous interaction with the environment.

Panoramic view of the Octagono

A 3 dimensional Sensacion


We announce

A new website of Valle de Sensaciones

We offer a new website, which gives a clear overview over the basic information about Valle de Sensaciones, but still presenting it in an artistic creative way. The content of the new website www.valle.de.sensaciones.de emerges from the same data base, but is prepared completly different. Have a look. We hope you like it. You can log in with the same username and password. And if you forgot your password, the system will send your loggin data to your emailadresse.