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El Valle de Sensaciones

Our artistic paradise

El Valle de Sensaciones, meaning the Valley of Sensations, presents a natural, artistic, and educational setting nestled within a lush valley. This enchanting environment is purposefully crafted for a community to organically foster connections and activities while harmonizing with nature and its resources.

This unique setting is providing an ideal space for collaborative, intensive communal processes and the exploration of various human dynamics intertwined with the natural interactions of all beings sharing the space with us.

Furthermore, it serves as a sanctuary, offering opportunities for reconnection within the medicine wheel, the feminine moon temple, around the bonfire, on a shaded mattress right above the stream, or while bathing in mud – among the countless other magical corners that adorn this nature temple.

Our fertile valley feels like a home in the lap of Mother Nature, with the firmament of stars as a roof. Protected from the wind, the heat and intrusions it is a place for a group of people to find comfort. Space where the connection between people and with nature can happen easily.
Embedded in this paradise, little artistic spaces are created, which provide intimacy to its residents and support individuality with their unique character. Everything in the valley is in proximity. The place offers many hidden corners and places, each one with a different ambience. The group as well as each participant