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Eros Lab

A laboratory to explore human issues arround love and sexuality

In the Eros Lab we create a protected field of trust, truthfulness, and open and honest communication. This supports each individual, as well as the entire circle of people, to step into authentic expression and to take full responsibility for their experience, including responsibility for the arising emotions and processes. In such an open field of permission, some common questions come into our awareness, which is essential for creating a new culture of love and authentic sexuality:

  • What is my truthful expression as a loving and sexual being, when letting go of masks; and facing and overcoming my blockages?
  • How do I want to relate to the person(s) I love?
  • How can relationships work when not limited to monogamy?
  • and many more...

During workshops and communal living participants are encouraged to explore themselves in new ways, to initiate and co-create desired experiences and to build a strong field of love and healing.

To explore our authenticity and opportunities of relating to others and to the nature we offer unusual freedom and permission field where:

  • Clothing is optional: nudity is welcomed, as any type of clothing is welcomed too.
  • Sex-positive: Sexual expression is understood as natural and positive as long as it is consensual and does not harm others.

On the other side we ask each participant to happily step into our basic agreements:

  • Taking full responsibility of the nature of our own experiences.
  • Asking for support when needed and not intervening in others people processes when not asked for it.
  • Confidentiality.

We apply some basic, and at the same time powerful, tools to facilitate the common dynamics, give space to individual processes and to let the group feel itself, e.g. sharing circles or forums, which are held daily in most cases. Find out more about the tools.

The Eros Lab is applied to many of the events we ourself are organizing, which in that case are marked are marked as such. When renting the lab we are happy to support you in case you are interested in realizing like-minded activities.

The first Eros Lab period: "Summer of Eros 2017" was selected as one of the three finalists of the Sexual freedom award.

Sexual freedom award