el Valle de Sensaciones


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Horno solar

Solar oven


LandArt with balance


Female energie of the west

Horno solar

Solar oven


LandArt with balance


Female energie of the west

Chakra-mandala path

An artistic path along our energetic powerspots

The access to the medicine wheel of the senses goes along the chakra-mandala-way, in which the visitor walks across the seven chakras in an ascendant way. Each of the artistic mosaics has a diameter of 1.2 meters and has one or more precious stones. It is an invitation to take your time and feel in a meditative way the energy of each of the chakras.

La bola

a spherical treehouse

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


The place of fire

Element fire The sun, light, warmth Spirit The male principle, power, motivation, new beginning, action in the outer Creativity, freedom, zest The East is made up from a big triangle, which is made out of three smaller triangles surrounding a hexagon. A fireplace on the centre invites you to feel the element fire close to your skin. The hexagonal sitting bench makes up a good frame for a circle of people to enjoy fire parties and ceremonies. Playing drums together is a perfect celebration which express the power of the East.

El bicho

Bicycle Washingmachine Sculpture

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Ancestors - Selfexeptance

A rustic temple in the space protected by the Avocado tree. A big sculpture made of an eucalyptus tree, is inviting the visitor to take a rest at its heavy strain, while the other sculptures talk to the world of the ancestors and the spirit of the trees. The sculpture Peter Markgraf has created here a very special atmosphere. The wooden chips still show his carving at the shadow of the tree.

Platonic solids

Understand and feel archetypal spacestructures

The platonic bodies are the five geometrical, regular bodies, which have regular angles at which the same number of areas joint. There are just five such figures, something that already Euclid had demonstrated. Plato used them to interpret the elements. Ever since, they appear in the philosophical essays of the greatest minds, being a sign of the mystery of the cosmos. Already Plato, passing through Kepler and reaching our modern thinkers, such as Heisenberg, have recognized the special place of such bodies in the world.

Solar sculpture

Surprising functions in the crazy energy structure

The energy from the sun is transformed into electric energy by some solar panels build into the sculpture. You can follow this process through some measuring electronic instruments which are visible through a glass. This installation feeds the complete illumination of the garden.


Sounds are living between roots and branches

Awake the sounds which are dreaming in cavities and niches and between the roots. Achim found this ancient olive tree which was hanging out in an artificial lake in Portugal. It must have stayed for a long time in the depths of the sea, until its rotten roots brought it to the surface. The many holes that it has tell about its maybe millenarian history. Now there is a sound dreaming in each of those holes and is waiting for you to discover it.


Water in a swinging flow

The special form of these bowl make the water, which is pouring into them, swing. It swings and forms an “eight” shape, as a wave which flows alternately to one and the other wing of the bowl. This movement is not only magic for the viewer, but it also stimulates the capability of water to clean and regenerate itself. It corresponds to the natural flow of water, which moves vibrating into the shape of meander.


Geometric treehouse with sound

Resonance swing

Body experience of resonance

There is a swing on each of the two pyramids constructed with oak. A rope ties both swings up, so that the movement of both are coupled. That leads to tricky effects.

Niña de flores

Flowerchild of the south

Space sound string

The magic sound of infinity

There is a 50 meter long musical string running over the middle point. It is tied on the eucalyptus tree on the other side of the valley. Its sound reaches the pentagonal resonance room through an aluminium stick. Due to the length of this string, its basic pitch, this means its basic vibration, is so slow that it cannot be heard by the ear, but it can be seen by the eyes.


der Repräsentant des Nordens

Medicine wheel of the senses

An artistic, sensual, spiritual park

In the medicine wheel of the senses, a lot of spaces are awaiting to be discovered. They invite to: Open your senses for this journey. Open to the quality and power of each of these spaces. Experiment the thousand and one possibilities of the objects, with the curiosity and playfulness of a child, but also with respect and care. Feel what they offer for you to see, hear, smell, feel, and discover their secrets with open senses.

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Creating paradises

Permaculture, Landart, Creative green building,... while tuning into the sense of well-being

What a wunderfull dream.... living in paradise. ...in a place with amazing beauty, where all beings are living together in harmony where one can find magic places and spaces, which are aporting wellbeing by there selfclimatisation, where healthy food is growing in abundance, where the sun and the water generate our energy.... and where even objects can be found inviting to get involved with all fecetes of culture, artworks, musical instruments,... where there are workshops to be creative, where the people live in comunity; giving joy and support to each other,

Low Budget Mini House Workshop

Living in a tiny home

Mini houses are very trendy, this concept provides us with opportunities for cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly interior design. Mini homes are economical to maintain and low in energy consumption, the structures can be realized in a small space or can be constructed on mobile platforms. Learn how to build your own mini home Here are few of the topics you`ll learn about how to design and build your home in the most cost effective and ecological way which materials are best from an ecological point


All the aspects of this project

The best moment to learn about the project “Valle de Sensaciones”. We will introduce this wide project at all levels. We will walk around the area learning about all the buildings, objects and landscape's creations. We will introduce all the aspects of the project. We will feel all the sensations that are awaiting us in every object of the valley. Rhythm and music will guide us every day. We will experiment the basic energy of the rhythm, we will learn to play drums, we will learn amazing sounds and play unknown instruments.

Taller GAIA

Weaving dreams with Water, Earth, Air and Fire

Water, air, earth and fire are the 4 elements around which our life is based. Understanding their character and potential is basic for a conscious life with nature. Whether it be designing and creating the place, a garden or biotopes; building houses and toilets or generating and making use of energy; be it through artistic expression or in the continuous interaction with the environment.

Living together

Communal living

During these days the Valley of Sensations is open to participate under every concept that we offer. With all participants we celebrate an intensive community life, using the community mandala, having talking stick circles, spontanous parties and much more. Under 'Experiment' we offer a stay with a minimum of engagement, in order to get the most out of the place, the objects, the works and the contact with people alike. 'Collaborate' means helping with the necessary tasks to the project.

Welcoming the new season

Inner and outer preparation for the next phase of the year.

The cicle of the 4 seasons is an essential prozess to whom is living close to nature. Each season has its magic and brings its own quality. Our life, the activities, the pleasures are off a different type. We invite you to life this cicle consiously, beeing part of the inner and outer preparation of the arrival of the new fase and celebrate its beginning. The prozess is acompanished by teoretical and practical teachings about a creative life in unity with nature. In each event we will give a introduction into permaculture, the creation of green livingspaces, comunal living and much more.

Full moon celebration

Days and nights to celebrate the magic of this little paradies

Days.. and nights! to celebrate the magic of this paradise, to get to know the philosophy, the constructions, the objects and the sensations of this Valle, to get together with people alike and enjoy these special nights. Rhythm and music will be with us every day. We will experience the elementary energy of the rhythm, we will learn how to play drums, we will get to know amazing sounds and learn how to play unknown instruments, we will sing power songs and we will do music jams in which everybody wil be able to feel part of a common wave of rhythm and sound.

Summer in paradise

Wellbeeing, creativity, learning... in a flow

Because of personal reasons we are not able to offer the here announced workshops this year Still we will celebrate this special moment as usual. Part of the creative activities will still be available. As result the fee is dramatically reduced. Joining 7 days or more the complete daily fee will be 28 €. -----------------------------------------------------------

Drum making

Make your own drum and learn how to play it

Making your own drum is a fascinating experience. To create its body with all your love, see how it comes together with the leather and hear its first sound ... Your contact with your instrument will be a different one. It won't be anymore an alien object with which you may not even know what to do without "knowing" the "right way" of doing it. It will be your very own drum and you will be able to experiment full of curiosity, and listen to what it is telling you, letting yourself be guided by its touch, its sound and its rhythm.

Day of sensations

Presentation of the project and its sensations

A walk through the land, presenting its constructions, objects and places. We will explain the reason behind things and enjoy their charm. We will be also making some music, playing the drums and getting together with everybody in our medicine wheel. Kids are welcome. From 11 in the morning until 8 in the evening. Participating is free. Donatios are welcome.


working together, to realize extraordinary creations

We are going to work together in this artistic project and its objects. Experienced creators are welcome to bring in and develop their capacities. Other interested people have a change to learn a lot, while colaborating fittingly to their abilities.

Full Moon Celebration

A weekend to celebrate the magic of the moon and get in touch with the elements through the Arts

A weekend to celebrate the magic of the moon and get in touch with the elements through the Arts You can arrive on Friday afternoon; We will be getting to know each other with a tasty meal and preparing our next fullmoon day together. On saturday, we will start a land art action in communication with the earth and the water: with the gifts of the river we will make our sculptures. Working on the riverside, connected to the energy of the flowing water, will open new channels for our creativity. And when the night arrives ...

Creating furniture from reclamed wood

Creativ workshop with Peter

From old materials that others throw away we can build creative pieces of furniture. For example, an old door becomes a table or a bench, a wine barril can be made to a chair, out of old palletts we can make seats, shelves, mirrows, picture frames and a lot more. Wonderful pieces of furniture can be designed and created and there will be no limits for our fantasy. Who rather would like to build an art object will also have the possibility to realise this.