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Operational information


A straightforward and adaptable framework

Total contribution covering a cycle of 28 days,

° The rental of a private space in the Resonance Hub
° The usage of individual spaces in Valle de Sensaciones
° The disposal of all amenities in both places
° Food supply and one warm meal per day
° Cleaning of communal areas and amenities in the Resonance Hub
° Free participation in community activities and events
° Reduced fees for complimentary event offers

Small budget 

600 €


900 €


1.200 €

Special rate while completing and finetuning the coliving environment

33% off for all reservations made during the next months.

We are excited to announce the relaunch of our project, marking the next evolutionary step within a larger community environment and a further developed concept. This represents a unique and innovative offering for celebrating a self-responsible, authentic, sex-positive culture, as we believe. While additional amenities are still in the process of being fully set up, and our concept undergoes fine-tuning, we extend a special invitation to pioneers – individuals who will play a crucial role in infusing the environment with vital community energy. Additionally, we are thankful for reservations into the future, without necessarily fixing a date, as they greatly assist us in covering the investments needed for the envisioned upgrades. In such cases, the reduction applies, even if you find the environment fully set up at the moment of your arrival.

Offering a diverse array of individual spaces

The Resonance Hub offers two distinct living options. Each choice entails renting a private space within the Resonance Hub and the use of individual spaces in Valle de Sensaciones.

Pod: We provide 12 capsules, each equipped with a comfortable mattress, flexible lighting, storage cubbies, and shelves, a foldable working desk, and a fresh air ventilation system. When you rent a capsule, you have the option to also utilize another individual space in Valle de Sensaciones.

South Room: We offer four sunlit south rooms, each featuring a balcony, a comfortable king-size bed, a working desk, and a cupboard.

Nature spaces: In the valley you find a great variety of individual spaces: Treehouses, clay houses, cave spaces, caravans, and star beds which can be used for living, spending the siesta or sessions like a massage of lovemaking.

Nutring ourselfs as a community

Basic food is available in our community kitchens and can be freely used for the preparation of individual and communal meals. It is included in the contribution and gives preference to the products from our own organic garden and products of our neighbors. At least once a day a warm meal is prepared for the entire community. Drinks are also available and right in front of the Resonance Hub, we have the local bar where cheap drinks with nice tapas and meals are being served.

Resonancia Community is a personal project of Achim Burkard.

By his side, he has a little team which is here presented

Personal guests and temporary participation

The Resonancia Community primarily comprises individuals committed to participating in entire cycles. Additionally, options for short-term participation are also available:

Personal Guest if you know someone already part of the community

Client if you're interested in receiving coaching, teachings, bodywork, or other professional services

Events if you're interested in participating in ceremonies, workshops, etc.

In rare occasions, we might also receive guests if they inspire a special interest to somebody on our team.

If you want to join Resonancia Community or one of our events please follow the links given here.

In any case, before getting in contact you need to create an account on the website first, so our correspondence is saved in our system and available to all team members. Being logged in you will then be able to see all correspondence in your user profile where you can also respond.

If you have further questions enter here to find the contact form.

Resonancia Community is situated in the Alpujarra of Granada, the southern mountains of the Sierra Nevada, in Andalucia, Spain. Here you find detailed information about getting here.

Please do not turn up here without previous sign-up on our website.

In 2000, the project was founded by Achim. With the involvement of many traveling craftsmen, artists, and interested helpers, the place was created over more than a decade, always in the spirit of communal creativity and learning in action. The experiences of many years inspired a shift in the original focus of the project: from "Living creativity in sensual contact with nature" to "Providing inspiration and knowledge for setting up your life dream," evolving into an "Ecovillage Laboratory for the communal development of sustainable living concepts." This further transformed into an "ErosLab to explore and heal issues around Love and Sexuality," eventually leading to the development of the "Resonancia Community," a vision that combines all and turns it into a suitable offering for temporary coliving and coworking.