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Ecovillage Laboratory

Offering the environment for you to step into community exploration

Valle de Sensaciones is providing an Ecovillage environment without being inhabited by an established community. That way we can offer a neutral field for communal experimentation and exploration. So once you arrive the community will be also formed by YOU, together with all the other participants.
The environment with all the communal spaces and little natural living spaces is created in a way which allows flexible community dynamics, where everybody find space of individualism, while easily engaging with the community.
The eco-technical infrastructure aims to be of easy usage while at the same time being educative. This concept together with the artistic appearance attracting interest got the award for "investigation on renewable energy" by the Caja España in 2002.
All the tasks and responsibilities needed for inhabiting such an ecologic and natural environment are well documented, supporting a real community experience where the participant gets involved on all levels and thereby gets a big variety of learning experiences.
Our team facilitates the process of community building and exploration, based on our experience and a specific set of tools known to support instant creation of community, and effective canalization of the upcoming processes. Our team is rotating with the focus of best serving the experience of the participants, and aiming to not give any priority to our private needs. We are happy to count with the collaboration of people with special skill sets, facing the extraordinary challenge to support the processes of others and holding the communal field, while being transparent with our own processes.

It's not...

In continuation the comparison with similar settings might help to understand the very unique environment and potential of our Ecovillage laboratory better:

If you visit an established community you will most likely find yourself in the role of a guest. An established community has its established patterns, its rules, many of them even unwritten, unspoken, and its ongoing conflicts,... . As a guest, you are usually expected to not challenge their patterns and rules, and do not add to the conflicts most communities are already struggling on. That keeps you in the position of an observer, possibly not even allowed to get close to the core of dynamics.
In our laboratory, we offer a field specially designed to make you part of the core of community dynamics, to allow you to co-create the patterns and rules of living together and even to create conflicts. Being part of the conflict resolution process is one of the richest experiences of community life. That's when all the projections (the mirrors as we say) have to be opened, to made transparent and understood. For each one involved owning their own judgements, fears, desires and taking full responsibility on his/her experience.
In a retreat centre you will enjoy the role of a 'client' being served so you can concentrate on your own or group activities the best without being confronted with the basic needs of life like the kitchen, tidying,....
In our laboratory, we aim to have everybody present being involved in the most realistic community situation. As if we would be living there together for long, where our main service is to offer instruction and guidance for stepping into the community experience on all levels, including the tasks. That's not just providing a big variety of learning experiences, but also generates many social dynamics which can be used for our transformative human processes.
(As some intensive workshops benefit from greater concentration we do free the group for community tasks in some occasions, as defined by the event types.)
In a typical volunteer situation your work will be managed and supervised to ensure an efficient outcome in relation to the attention and hosting given. For that usually working hours are predefined and rigid, works simple and repetitive, and team structures are hierarchic. In case the venue has also other guests, volunteers are usually given an inferior status with fewer privileges and possibly even live in an independent more simple environment than paying guests or core members. All this is exactly NOT what we aim to establish in our laboratory. In change, we aim for maximum individual flexibility and freedom and self-responsibility of everybody involved. Also, we aim to live in a connected, trustful and horizontal community with all people present. Find more information here.
Use the environment for your group
We also rent the entire space to interested groups or initiatives for celebrating their own work here, supported by members of our capacitated team, or under their fully self-created dynamics: Incubator, community processes, workshop venue,...