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Nature spaces

Living spaces embedded in nature...

Embedded in this natural paradise we created many small artistic spaces. They provide privacy to its inhabitants and they inspire individuality with their unique character. Everything in the valley is in proximity. The place offers many hidden corners and places, each one with a different ambiance.  The group as well as each participant can freely oscillate between community and private time.

Our fertile valley feels like a home in the lap of Mother Nature, with the firmament of stars as a roof. Protected from the wind, the heat and intrusions it is a place for a group of people to find comfort. Space where the connection between people and with nature can happen easily.
Embedded in this paradise, little artistic spaces are created, which provide intimacy to its residents and support individuality with their unique character. Everything in the valley is in proximity. The place offers many hidden corners and places, each one with a different ambience. The group as well as each participant

Discover the nature spaces in the valley

These spaces are waiting to be discovered and experienced by you. Each one offers unique sensations and a specific feeling of living in nature. The constructions demonstrate the basics of eco-living and present a wide variety of sustainable building techniques.

Artistic and cosy clayhouse

This tiny space made from our clay will make you feel cosy. The shapes and colours convey a natural harmony.

During winter the artistic window, oriented to the south, lets the sunlight in, so that the clay walls can store the warmth for the night.
In summer the little window on the north side allows to invite the cold air of the Sierra Nevada, which cools down the walls during the night, keeping temperatures low during the day.
But you might even want to lift the whole entrance wall, so the space transform into an open air chamber.
By lifting the central telescopic triangle you transform two independent beds into a double bed or even into a big table for your creative work.

The building consists of a hexagon of just 11 square meters. Its walls are built with local clay, whereas a different mixture and technique has been used on each of the sides, to experiment with the process and its result.
The floor is made with stones from the river, fixed with the same clay; a coat of linseed oil makes it water resistant.
We made a very special experiment with the roof: A braided rope covered by burlaps, a coat of light clay mixed with the inner side of the pita (agave), junk of the river, perlite and clay milk. All this is covered by plastic and a coat made out of lime, sand and goat hair.

a sphere high up in an olive tree
sacred geometry in a olive tree

The Icosaeder is the most complex of the platonic bodies. Bised the sphere they are the only fully regular threedimencional shapes, and for that hold a special power.Platón associated a different element with each of them and understood the icosaeder as representing water.

Our Icosaeder is created inside an olive tree right above our pool. All 5 triangular sidewalls can be opened, so it turns into a shady pentagular platform, pervaded by the cool breeze of Sierra Nevada.

swinging treehouse supported by 3 poplar trees

The structure "Casa 3 alamos" (House of 3 poplars) is based on an flexible system, what is following the movement of the three trees in the wind.
Two platforms where contructed, each one suported by the 3 trees. One as the floor, the other as the roof of the treehouse. The walls are build by recycled doors which are sliding in double-T columns with no fixing, which would limit the sliding movement. The parallel columns all around the tree-house can follow the movement of the wind easily.