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Agreement field

Creating a protected environment with a unconventional cultural codex

For joining the community field you need to enter our agreement field. Finding yourself in a circle of people where all are acting in accordance to the agreements creates a protected cultural context that supports each one to step into authentic and honest expression, and together explore and learn human interaction in such a safe container.

The most significant agreements are about
- stepping into full responsibility for the nature of your experience, with the awareness to be the creator of your own emotions, thoughts, and processes while working on the ability to acknowledge and communicate your needs and boundaries.
- letting go of unconsolidated expectations, judgments, blame, drama, and violent communication.
- entering a deep and honest communication, while getting transparent about your emotions, desires, challenges and processes.
- creating freedom and consciousness about love, relationships, sensuality, and sexuality, where nudity, any gender identity, and free, authentic or creative erotic expression are welcome.

'Building community', 'opening up for resonance', 'local integration', 'living with the earth', 'spirituality', and 'economy' are also agreed upon with the goal to create a field of consciousness, freedom and connection.

After having been selected to take part in our experience you can join our Agreement field here.