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En el año 2000, el proyecto fue iniciado por Achim Burkard. Con la participación de muchos artesanos itinerantes, artistas y voluntarios, ​​el lugar fue creado durante más de una década, siempre en el espíritu de la creatividad comunitaria y el aprendizaje a través de la acción.
La experiencia de muchos años ha ido inspirando cambios en el enfoque original del proyecto: desde la "Vivir la creatividad en contacto sensual con la naturaleza" hacia "Proporcionar inspiración y conocimiento para la creación de proyectos creativos, comunes y sostenibles" y ahora "laboratorio de Eco-aldeas para la desarrollo comunal y la mediación de conceptos de vida sostenibles".​

Nomadic journey until finding a little eden

1987 - 2000

Previously, Achim lived for 14 years as a travelling artist, while he occasionally collaborated in various community projects and Eco-villages. Many years ago a special connection to the village of Yator occurred. Every year, Achim used to spend time in the village square. There, he produced his musical instruments and art around his circus caravan, while being observed by the mostly elderly villagers. Again and again, the natives tried to motivate him to stay in the village: "We need creative people," but he never felt like ending his life as a traveller.

Until .... one day he accidentally ran into this paradise valley. Right away, he felt like the place was calling him. A week later he had bought it and moved his caravan into the shade of olive and orange trees next to the small stream winding through the valley. Achim and Sandra Morillas were apparently the first people to inhabit this maiden valley.

Living creativity in sensual contact with nature

2000 - 2003

During the first months, Achim used to visit the various places and corners of the valley, asking for visions of what wanted to be created here. The images of small artistic spaces embedded in nature turned up. Together with an original educational infrastructure. He also saw people exploring how to "live creativity in sensual contact with nature" .
Achim, then, studied the appropriate techniques in order to create to all this, ordered books, contacted experts, took samples and experiments: earth building, permaculture, composting toilets, living buildings, and much more.
Many former travelling friends of Achim came, partly converted their trucks into workshops, and supported the first phase of the project construction.

Learning in Action inside community

2003 - 2006

In 2003, the infrastructure of the place had reached a standard that allowed it to accommodate groups of guests during all seasons. The Valle de Sensaciones opened its doors. More and more interested guests visited the place and learned about earth building, the construction of tree houses, and much more while they supported the construction of the place.
From 2005, a clearer format was given to the educative activity, offering workshops where learning in action was combined with facilitating communal life, music, and creative expression.

Offering inspiration and knowledge about creative natural living

2006 - 2010

It became increasingly clear that most of the participants, next to living out their creativity in the midst of nature, were interested in concrete knowledge and inspiration for transforming their lives. Many of them living in cities, frustrated by human culture, aiming to start a new fulfilling life. Lacking clear visions, skills and contacts to implement their dreams into practice.
This motivated us to transform Valle de Sensaciones from a pleasurable place for travellers, towards a training centre for creative, collaborative, sustainable living.
Now more and more people found the needed impulses and tools to implement real steps of change into their lives.
The artist and craftsman Peter Storck and Rahma Benimmas stepped into the project and completed the team.

Opening the horizon towards global networking

2010 - 2015

It became increasingly clear that the number of participants must remain moderate in order to ensure a familiar atmosphere with open hearts. As Achim had the desire to reach even more people and contribute effectively to the global change, he decided to use the Internet as a platform o radiate inspiration and knowledge. After creating an intricate website for Valle de Sensaciones, which should also serve as a platform for artists dedicated to sustainability, he then joined first the Iberian and then the global Ecovillage Network in order to realize this laborious development work in a supportive team context. The platforms GEN sites and Solution Library arose subsequently.
Although it was satisfactory and credible to write in clay houses and hardware stores sitting the code which sent the inspiration about sustainability in the world. But this work soon became so complicated that the project Valle de Sensaciones greatly suffered. Guests did not always understand to be found intensive computer work in the highly anticipated paradise. And Achim had less and less spare capacity for the organization of events for the project.

Offering the place for project incubation, thematic exploration, tribal gatherings,..

2014 - 2016

Recentering our focus on our locale, but now informed by a global perspective and international connections, Achim recognized the distinctive potential of possessing a comprehensive educational ecovillage environment untethered to a pre-existing community. The opportunities, particularly on a social level, are exceptional. While established communities excel in experimenting with ecological, agricultural, or economic aspects, a neutral human environment within an ecovillage context uniquely facilitates social and cultural exploration of innovative territories, as well as the mediation and healing of existing obstacles.

The "Rent the Lab" framework was developed, establishing clear conditions for renting the Ecovillage Laboratory. It was offered for the incubation of new projects, conflict resolution within existing communities, exploration around specific themes, tribal gatherings, and more.

Simultaneously, we continued to organize our workshops and ceremonies, such as clay and mandala roof construction workshops, full moon celebrations, wild women journeys, shamanic ceremonies, and community-building experiences.

Love, sexuality and the power of agreement fields

2016 - 2019

In 2016, we embarked on a vision quest within our team of four capable individuals to realign our work with our authentic longings. Through this process, we discovered a shared resonance – a profound longing for an environment dedicated to the exploration, reflection, and healing of issues surrounding love and sexuality. Recognizing that these issues undergo significant transformation within our public and alternative cultures, and often constitute the primary reasons for conflict and failure in community projects, we aimed to create a space where these matters could be made visible and consciously addressed.

Starting with the three months of the "Summer of Eros" in 2017, we laid the foundation for the "ErosLab" – a community space dedicated to the exploration, reflection, and healing of Love and Sexuality. The "Summer of Eros" earned recognition as a finalist in the Sexual Freedom Awards. The ISTA training emerged as the most impactful event during this exhilarating season which then got repeated in 2018 and 2019.

Finding my essencial longing: Resonance

2020 - 2023

During the challenging times of the Covid pandemic, when the world seemed to be in a state of freeze and drama, we considered ourselves exceptionally fortunate to be residing within the tranquil enclave of Yator village. Our neighbors exuded trust and ease, fostering a non-judgmental atmosphere where individuals were free to decide whether to wear masks or not. Many maintained the beautiful gestures of body contact, maintaining the sense of connection.

In response to the situation, we decided to pause our public activities, avoiding to be the potential bridge of bringing infections from outside. Our project shifted primarily to our "Rent the Lab" offering, exclusively hosting self-sufficient groups. A significant and inspiring collaboration unfolded with the "Radical Faeries," particularly with their branch "Las Hadas del Sol." They brought a vibrant, colorful, and loving spirit to our valley, staying for periods of up to four months at a time.

Simultaneously, we deepened our appreciation for the communal spirit of Yator, opting to fully immerse ourselves in this historic community with roots tracing back to the Moors. The community's remarkable capacity and willingness to share resources, constructions, support, and friendship without judgment or drama profoundly inspired us. Recognizing the incredible resource for our endeavors that lay in being invited by the village of Yator to integrate ourselves into their community, together with everyone we bring.

Coliving, Coworking, and Communitarian Exploration in Resonance

from 2023

In previous years, we embarked on the initial attempt to create a community that would extend beyond Valle de Sensaciones, encompassing the picturesque and inspiring village of Yator with its numerous vacant houses eagerly awaiting inhabitants. Even the neighbors expressing their invitation. Regrettably, the first endeavor did not succeed. It was at this juncture that Achim questioned himself: How is it that wonderfully capable individuals can gather under the umbrella of shared values yet struggle to align with the same vision? What was missing for him to feel profoundly connected to this community intent?

In this introspective moment, he uncovered the one magical word: Resonance. Suddenly, he comprehended the significance of this theme throughout his entire life and all his projects – as a percussionist, DJ, instrument maker, architect, group facilitator, lover, and more. Now, he realized how much Valle de Sensaciones, with all its design and architecture, was his artwork designed to invite resonance. Resonance between people, resonance with nature, and resonance with the creative seed within. The pursuit of resonance had always been his soul's longing. With this profound realization, he decided to embark on a new project, signaling a reopening after a long break: Resonancia Community.

At this juncture, the vision and concept have been developed, with envisioned amenities mostly already in place. While a few constructional and infrastructural elements remain, and the budget is somewhat constrained after the challenging times of the Covid break, we are deeply inspired to launch this extraordinary project in May 2024.

One more important aspect to share: In very early 2023, Achim had a clear inner voice telling him that his Goddess, the woman he longed for and felt destined to be by his side for the upcoming journey, was waiting for him in some place in Africa. Africa, a land and culture to which his soul felt a strong connection and where he frequently spent time. Prompted by this intuition, he went in search for her and found her quickly. In reality, she was waiting for him, having been informed by the spirits about his impending arrival.
As of now, just a few days before our marriage here in Zanzibar, the place with the desired magic and ease in paperwork, we are excited about the next chapter. Soon, Goddess Melanin will hopefully be allowed to enter Spain and bring all her capacities in project management, public relations, and guidance of human dynamics. As also her explorative spirit regarding Eros and nature living, along with her African spiritual and cultural roots, will be instrumental in directing Resonancia Community alongside Achim.