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All contributions given to the project are defined in our local currency, the marbles. Still, if you don't want to get involved in work exchange or other non-monetary ways to contribute you might prefer to simply know about the quotes in Euro as presented here first. In the next chapter, we will present the alternatives.

Membership fee

For getting a member of our association there is a membership fee. For the trial membership of up to one moon cycle, this is just 20 €. It covers organization costs for running our project including insurance of all members.

Basic contribution

For joining the Community experience there is a daily basic contribution. This covers the costs of food and living, usage of the entire place and its infrastructure, the basic facilitation of the communal processes and some regular group activities like sharing circles, medicine wheel ceremonies, dancing parties with DJ, etc, besides the constant attentive guidance of our team.

The basic contribution is defined for each Moon cycle, being...

Season Contribution reduced normal supportive
Winter 6 marbles 24 € 36 € 48 €
Spring / Autumn 7 marbles 28 € 42 € 56 €
Summer 8 marbles 32 € 48 € 64 €

Event fee

For joining some events we might collect an additional contribution in behalf of the facilitator or organizer. It is also available as reduced, normal and supportive quote, adapting to your economic situation.
You can see the quote in each event announcement or while filling the signup form.

Session contribution

For enjoying the optional sessions offered by members of our team or any participant they might ask a contribution. This contribution is defined in the session menu and given in marbles. We ask not to use any money once entering the experimental field.