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Resonancia Community offers an environment for temporary living, experiences, and exploration. Therefore, you will not find an established community of permanent residents, but instead a flexible community of free souls, many of whom share a nomadic lifestyle. Once you join Resonancia Community, YOU are the community, whether it be for a week or for half a year.

In our Coliving Community, where members commit to an intensive process of always a moon cycle at a time, we aim to gather long enough to go deep and find profound trust in our human contact, and short enough to always maintain the spirit of an extraordinary experience beyond a stiff routine of daily life. In each cycle you will find a different group of connected people.

In our Ecovillage laboratory you find a even more flexible community context.

And not to forget to mention the Community of Yator, the tiny ancient Andalusian village that hosts our dynamics and welcomes all our participants as one of their own. Their social dynamics are inspiring in their historic community wisdom, sharing resources, support, conflicts, joy, and making daily life an inspiring celebration of togetherness. You are very much invited to join in their context as well.

Below we present our little team.

Visionary of the project, which he started in 2000. He is happiest when able to get lost in his creative process and find flow in the togetherness of the community. Finding and inspiring resonance is his life mission, as project creator, architect, instrument maker, musician, DJ and lover.

Coordinator of the pragmatic side of the project and voice to the outside. After embodying her instinctive call for a conscious culture of free souls, liberated eros, and female empowerment in her native culture in Kenya, she started to work with the project after meeting Achim in 2023. She is still in the phase of adapting to this very new cultural and climatic environment. Once she achieves to regain her true magic, her area of influence is expected to extend.

As a wood artist and creator of natural environments he is a collaborator of the project since 2003. Peter did much of the artistic woodwork in Valle de Sensaciones and loves to take care of guests. In 2021 he bough his own land near by and is since then creating his own paradise. Beside supporting our team, he offers workshops about woodwork and creative living.