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Support the Ecovillage Laboratory on long term and co-create the vision for a permanent community

We are calling for team members and collaborators to join us in running our Ecovillage and Eros Laboratory.

We are especially looking for people who have experience living in an Ecovillage or community and would like to have an additional mission in their lives. We are aiming to create a rotating team that can provide a safe and structured space in the Laboratory (the valley) for our guests to have an experience of communal life in nature, exploring all the aspects that this entails.

You would only have to commit for a limited time in the year and could have other project(s) running alongside. At present, some of our goals and objectives include (but are not limited to): running the Ecovillage Laboratory to provide maximum opportunities for experience of living in a temporary community and learning together; creating workshop facilities to provide a service of cutting edge workshops on different subjects of our focus (Sexuality in community, permaculture and natural building, arts and creativity in nature, spirituality and shamanism, feminine wisdom and balancing of masculine and feminine energies, community building tools); accomplishing building of a cultural centre; and establishing a permanent community on the adjacent land. Bringing your own projects and subjects is very welcome.

We are mostly keen to attract team members who would bring expertise in any of the following: Permaculture design, organic gardening, construction and maintenance of green buildings (cob, wood, tree houses, clay), green technology, administration of an NGO (in the Spanish reality), education related to Ecovillage living and group process knowledge.

General requirements to apply:

  • You are inspired by our project and interested in developing the Ecovillage Laboratory in practice and as a pilot project
  • You're competent communicating in English
  • You have a spiritual practice of a sort and are open to work in a field where widely understood spirituality is appreciated and many traditions are called upon
  • You are comfortable with your own sexuality, sex positivity and free love environments; and/or are willing to experience and investigate living in a community while being transparent with what moves you erotically
  • You are willing to invest in self-development through workshops and group processes, including working through the emotional body
  • You are open to receive feedbacks from within the group

Specific requirements to become a TEAM MEMBER:

  • attending one of the team immersions at the valley (offered each spring and autumn)
  • periodic availability of several months a year - at least 3 months in total of residency at the valley
  • probation time to become a fully fledged team member is between 3-6 months of residency at the project. In this period, you are offered feedback from the current team members and together we'll review how suitable we are for each other

If you cannot commit for the time and responsibilities of a team member but would still like to contribute significantly with an on-going or one-off project we would welcome you as a COLLABORATOR.

For that we ask:

  • periodic availability of several weeks a year for a specific assignment
  • ability to self-manage and complete your project within a given timeframe

What do you gain by joining us:

  • Incredible inspiration to live and work on a project of New Culture and sustainable creative living in harmony with nature
  • Freedom to work on your own projects within the group project
  • Being part of a team committed to self-development through group processes of trust and transparency
  • Knowledge exchange and massive learning in different areas of life
  • Learning about Eros (sexuallity) and discovering your life force
  • Significant discounts for our workshops all year round
  • An opportunity to create a profit for yourself
  • A beautiful and natural environment for your home (for a couple of months a year)

And last but not least: Even without becoming a part of our team we would be happy if you share any related ideas with us.

Apply below if you are interested in becoming a team member or collaborator. We will then send you some questions and we can arrange a skype meeting to see if our visions are in tune and if it feels good we will invite you to our next immersion.