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The project

The 'Valle de Sensaciones'

El Valle de Sensaciones (the Valley of Sensations) invites to explore a new and at the same time ancient, culture.
As a laboratory it is not aiming to establish the ideal living situation for a defined group of people, but to open for new, inspiring, creative possibly challenging,... human dynamics again and again. And that way provide transforming authentic experiences to everybody who joins.

Here are the core areas of this thrilling exploration

Offering the environment for you to step into community exploration

Valle de Sensaciones is providing an Ecovillage environment without being inhabited by an established community. That way we can offer a neutral field for communal experimentation and exploration. So once you arrive the community will be also formed by YOU, together with all the other participants.

A laboratory to explore human issues arround love and sexuality
In the Eros Lab we create a protected field of trust, truthfulness, and open and honest communication. This supports each individual, as well as the entire circle of people, to step into authentic expression and to take full responsibility for their experience, including for the arising emotions and processes and to give space to any questions around love and sexuality.
Living your creativity in sensual contact with nature

The Valley of sensations invites you to open your senses. Feel the clay around you, with which some of our living spaces are built and enjoying a clay bath. Wake up in a tree or sleep in one of our beds under the stars!

Find all kinds of materials in nature: river stones, cane tubes, olive wood, flexible willow branches, ... and let your creativity be inspired by all this.

In this place there are no huge constructions that separate you from the influence of nature, there are no straight walls at right angles, as in nature ...

Our fertile valley feels like a home in the lap of Mother Nature, with the firmament of stars as a roof. Protected from the wind, the heat and intrusions it is a place for a group of people to find comfort. Space where the connection between people and with nature can happen easily.
Embedded in this paradise, little artistic spaces are created, which provide intimacy to its residents and support individuality with their unique character. Everything in the valley is in proximity. The place offers many hidden corners and places, each one with a different ambience. The group as well as each participant

In 2000, the project was founded by Achim Burkard. With the involvement of many travelling craftsmen, artists and interested helpers, the place was created over more than a decade, always in the spirit of communal creativity and learning in action.