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Membership options

Getting part of the association Valle de Sensaciones

    Reduced Normal Supportive
Trial membership


during 1 moon cycle
no work exchange options


  20 €  
Full membership


one year starting on initial participation


20 € 40 € 60 €


with capacities to guide and inspire groups
on invitation always for one year
possibility to get marble payout




3 till 9 month of active involvement per year
after being collaborator or facilitator
possibility to get marble payout



All activities in Valle de Sensaciones are taking place exclusively in the circle of members.
The association is providing to its members:

  • Putting into disposition the experimental field and all infrastructure to be used under own responsibility
  • Providing equipment needed for the activities: household, bedding, tools, vehicles
  • Providing insurance about accidents and damages
  • Administration of the project: accounting, book keeping, legal defence.
  • Event organisation.
  • Administrating signup and payment procedure, also in behalf of member facilitators
  • Documentation of the project, its concept, its infrastructure, its tools and methods and the outcome of activities
  • Public relations: Providing information and marketing
  • Running a website with signup management and co-working platform for online collaboration of its members