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Conscious Relating Laboratory Intensive

COCO* - Conscious Open Committed Organic Relating

3. - 9. June

COCO* - Conscious Open Committed Organic Relating

- A 5 day investigation

Are you aiming for a deep, caring, truthful and authentic way of relating to your lover(s)?
It is crucial to become clear of what we want in our love lives in order to communicate and negotiate our agreements.

COCO is a very useful frame to investigate and discover our personal way of relating, especially if we are drawn to intimacy and freedom within relationships.

We dive deep into what love relationships mean to us and what kind of needs and desires resonate with our true essence.

This week we live as a temporary community, create a safe space, and inspire each other. We have a clear schedule with time to meditate and reflect, share and discuss, bodywork, dance, and practices to explore and experience deeper layers of ourselves.

We start every day with an introduction of the letter of the day, we do practices and then tune in to what really resonates with us.

Day 1: Conscious “… entered into with clarity of intention and a higher purpose for its existence, usually rooted in some agreement around a set of shared values and common life goals.
Not meaning an accidental hormonal attachment that hooks in after hooking up during the high vibes of a tantra workshop.”

Day 2: Open “… mind-fully honest, authentic, mature, self-aware and self-responsible, marked by an orientation towards radical transparency and consistent practice of sharing micro truths.
Not meaning intimacy-avoidant, inconsiderate of the impact of personal choices on others, promiscuous, self-denying or self-involved, also known as f*cking around to pass the time, spiritual edition.”

Day 3: Committed “… deliberate choice of a container designed for depth, suitable for holding the full spectrum of life's evolutionary experiences, including dark and ugly as well as love and light.
Not meaning manipulation, control and restriction of the other's behavior based on conditioned roles or chronic fear and insecurity.”

Day 4: Organic “… known to naturally grow and evolve, expected to change shape over time as it goes through various stages of development.
Not meaning something you picked up at the local farmer's market with a sticker guaranteeing that it was grown without pesticides.”

Day 5: Lab Day According to the needs and interests of the group… Surprise!

You are invited to join with your partner, friends or on you own when you are ready to dive deep.

With love from Mirjam ( and Peter

*Conscious Open Committed Organic Relating as thought of by Wendy May


Peter Lewerenz


During an intensive workshop, we are entering an intense process together. The community dynamics fully adapt to allow intensive processes, participants do not join the household tasks.

As part of the Cycle:
3. - 9. June 2019
Eros Lab


Basic contribution
Providing the experimental field and living as community. Long term community members might cover this by work exchange.
192 €288 €384 €
Event fee
Costs to organize this event. Handeled by event organizers or facilitators.
144 €216 €288 €
Sum of all contributions
336 €504 €672 €
The yearly membership fee of 10 € is also requiered