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The alchemy of designing a unique experience

Here are the elements which get combined for exploration, learning, healing and the communal creation of a new culture.

The people holding the Lab on the long run

The Ecovillage Laboratory is led by a team of skilled individuals, of which just few might be present at any time. We aim to provide a neutral environment for always new community dynamics to unfold. We understand our selfs as being in service ....
by maintaining and constantly developing this unique environment, 
by providing the organizative framework 
and by temporarily holding and inspiring the community dynamic and the activities. 

Please click here, in case you are interested in joining our team.

Who is running the upcoming Cycles?

Facilitators for around the world come to use and inspire our laboratory with their work. In our calendar you can see who will be present during certain events or periods. Beside reserving your place in their workshops the laboratorry is also a special environment to go on exploration with them or book sessions individually.

You are organiser or facilitator? Find out more about bringing your work to Valle de Sensaciones

Our ways to provide and support the experience

We apply multiple tools and methods to work with the social dynamics and to provide meaningful experiences, might it be as a constant ingredient of our day by day or just sporadically on demand.

The Community mandala is a playful and flexible organisation system to manage the day by day of the community. The Marble game offers a flexible framework for the economy between people and the project. The Medicine wheel is not just a spiritual power place for individual and group work, but also a symbolic map of existence where each element has its place. The Talking stick facilitates deep and honest communication in the circle. The Agreement field creates a different cultural codex, inviting to step into authentic expression and self-responsibility. Permaculture creates a self-maintaining symbiosis between all beings and elements in the valley. .....and many more....

Getting together in unique environments

Spaces where to meet, interact, share, cuddle, discuss, make music, dance,...

each with a very speccial atmoshere: organic, artistic, with the historic vibe of circus, floating in hot water, inside the round womb mother earth, or in the lush depth of the stream,...

But don't expect to find straight walls and right angles.

Living spaces embedded in nature...

Embedded in this natural paradise we created many small artistic spaces. They provide privacy to its inhabitants and they inspire individuality with their unique character. Everything in the valley is in proximity. The place offers many hidden corners and places, each one with a different ambience. The group as well as each participant can freely oscillate between community and private time.

feel, explore, get impressed,... with open senses

Open your eyes, listen to sounds, perceive lifes touch, smell its fragrance, taste its fruits, and open for the subtil fondle of the unexpected. The valley is full of sensations, provided by the water, the earth, the fire, the air, nature and all the creations with and between them. We as children in this magical playground do our best to keep creating wonderful sensaciones...

Let yourself surprise, and....surprise....