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“ Deepening the community experience“


If you are looking for a deeper community experience you might want to spend more time and energy in this lifestyle.

Valle de Sensaciones offers a quite unique opportunity to directly step into a responsible position for a temporary period.

The crew is called the group of people who commit to participate for more than one full moon cycle (minimum time frame is from Immersion to Immersion).

The Immersion is the place for a new crew to tune in, get to know the place, agreements, systems (kitchen mandala and elfs) and passing over the tasks and responsibility to the next crew.

This is a good opportunity for people who are willing and able to take on responsibilities, being pro -active and wish to experience and co-create the group dynamics that appear when you are running a communitarian project together.

Crew members are having a guarantee that there will be enough to do in “work-exchange“ for half of the costs and the option to even stay for free (according to their engagement and impact).

Together with Team-members that are present, the Crew is taking care of running the place by taking on one or some areas of responsibility that is represented by the elfs:

There will be a weekly crew meeting.

Furthermore the Crew is participating and co-holding the community activities like the obligatory practical meetings, the kitchen Mandala and sharing circles/Forum of the whole group.

The Crew is warmly invited to initiate additional offers and co-create the communal living, as they have more of the overview of possibilities and needs of the group than short term participants.

To be a Crew-Member for a while is a good way to check out if it fits to you to become part of the Team.