el Valle de Sensaciones


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Female energie of the west


Female energie of the west

Niña de flores

Flowerchild of the south


der Repräsentant des Nordens


Ancestors - Selfexeptance

A rustic temple in the space protected by the Avocado tree. A big sculpture made of an eucalyptus tree, is inviting the visitor to take a rest at its heavy strain, while the other sculptures talk to the world of the ancestors and the spirit of the trees. The sculpture Peter Markgraf has created here a very special atmosphere. The wooden chips still show his carving at the shadow of the tree.


Sounds are living between roots and branches

Awake the sounds which are dreaming in cavities and niches and between the roots. Achim found this ancient olive tree which was hanging out in an artificial lake in Portugal. It must have stayed for a long time in the depths of the sea, until its rotten roots brought it to the surface. The many holes that it has tell about its maybe millenarian history. Now there is a sound dreaming in each of those holes and is waiting for you to discover it.

Resonance swing

Body experience of resonance

There is a swing on each of the two pyramids constructed with oak. A rope ties both swings up, so that the movement of both are coupled. That leads to tricky effects.

Swinging platform

Floating on a carpet of sound

The vibrating surface invites to float, swing, dream, sleep as well alone as in society. The many strings tuned to the same frequency which are installed under the surface, are activated through its movement and create a "sound carpet" which makes the visitor swing into the world of dreams. This sound is not only perceivable through your ears, but it goes through the whole body and has a healing effect.


an artistic little house

A small hexagonal house of just 11 square meters. Its walls are build with local clay, whereas a different mixture and technique has been used on each of the sides, so as to experiment with the process and its result. The floor is made with stones from the river, fixed with the same clay, and a coat of linseed oil make it water resistant.


the heart of the valley

The octagon is the central space of Valle de Sensaciones. Thanks to its design it suits different uses: its a space for meeting as well as for doing workshops, it is also the kitchen and a turns into a dance floor when we party. We can tear off two of its walls and make it into a half open space for summer. Thanks to its central hole on the mandala roof and its vaporizing ground it keeps a nice climate in summer. It is made of 90% materials from our own land: clay, olive and ash beams, crushed reed, esparto and rush.

El nido

a green space to enjoy and relax

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La bola

a spherical treehouse

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Geometric treehouse with sound