el Valle de Sensaciones


Gaia experience

The Iniciation to Gaia at Valle de Sensaciones

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Medicine wheel of the senses

An artistic, sensual, spiritual park

In the medicine wheel of the senses, a lot of spaces are awaiting to be discovered. They invite to: Open your senses for this journey. Open to the quality and power of each of these spaces. Experiment the thousand and one possibilities of the objects, with the curiosity and playfulness of a child, but also with respect and care. Feel what they offer for you to see, hear, smell, feel, and discover their secrets with open senses.

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Gaia-initiation is a powerful healing process and self-discovering. The shamanic teacher Sunwalker has developed it from Americans and Africans shamanic teachings for people of western culture. His ceremonies and shamanic techniques will help you to experiment the union with yourself and GAIA, the spirit of the Earth. The person can experiment a new orientation, more clarity and more vitality. The life is enriched with important and deep experiences. With: inipis (Sweat lodges) Trance dance Working with the medicine wheel Shamanic journeys with the drum