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LandArt with balance


LandArt with balance


Water in a swinging flow

The special form of these bowl make the water, which is pouring into them, swing. It swings and forms an “eight” shape, as a wave which flows alternately to one and the other wing of the bowl. This movement is not only magic for the viewer, but it also stimulates the capability of water to clean and regenerate itself. It corresponds to the natural flow of water, which moves vibrating into the shape of meander.


Sound space in the belly of mother earth

Come in into the cave, into the belly of the earth. In this darkness you will also come in touch with yourself, with your inner voice, maybe with your intuition, or maybe even with your fears. This cave has the shape of a dome; this makes the voices and other musical instruments sound magical and powerful, and seem to get across the earth and across your own body. The resonance pitch is in tune with the earth pitch and it is therefore in tune with the main pitch from our planet, which express itself also in the transition of day and night.


an artistic little house

A small hexagonal house of just 11 square meters. Its walls are build with local clay, whereas a different mixture and technique has been used on each of the sides, so as to experiment with the process and its result. The floor is made with stones from the river, fixed with the same clay, and a coat of linseed oil make it water resistant.