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Solar cooking

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Horno solar

Solar oven

Horno solar

Solar oven

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Solar cooker

Healthy foot made with solar energy

Imagine: it is summer, the heat of the sun is burning, and you are cooking your food with a little fire. Ok, you know it, right? it is a waste of energy. Between spring and autumn we get so much solar energy, that it makes it really easy to get advantage of it for cooking. There are different concepts for the making of solar kitchens, solar ovens, and water boilers. You can even build some models with 100% recycled materials.

Day of sensations

Presentation of the project and its sensations

A walk through the land, presenting its constructions, objects and places. We will explain the reason behind things and enjoy their charm. We will be also making some music, playing the drums and getting together with everybody in our medicine wheel. Kids are welcome. From 11 in the morning until 8 in the evening. Participating is free. Donatios are welcome.