el Valle de Sensaciones


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Water in a swinging flow

The special form of these bowl make the water, which is pouring into them, swing. It swings and forms an “eight” shape, as a wave which flows alternately to one and the other wing of the bowl. This movement is not only magic for the viewer, but it also stimulates the capability of water to clean and regenerate itself. It corresponds to the natural flow of water, which moves vibrating into the shape of meander.

Resonance swing

Body experience of resonance

There is a swing on each of the two pyramids constructed with oak. A rope ties both swings up, so that the movement of both are coupled. That leads to tricky effects.

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Creating paradises

Permaculture, Landart, Creative green building,... while tuning into the sense of well-being

What a wunderfull dream.... living in paradise. ...in a place with amazing beauty, where all beings are living together in harmony where one can find magic places and spaces, which are aporting wellbeing by there selfclimatisation, where healthy food is growing in abundance, where the sun and the water generate our energy.... and where even objects can be found inviting to get involved with all fecetes of culture, artworks, musical instruments,... where there are workshops to be creative, where the people live in comunity; giving joy and support to each other,


All the aspects of this project

The best moment to learn about the project “Valle de Sensaciones”. We will introduce this wide project at all levels. We will walk around the area learning about all the buildings, objects and landscape's creations. We will introduce all the aspects of the project. We will feel all the sensations that are awaiting us in every object of the valley. Rhythm and music will guide us every day. We will experiment the basic energy of the rhythm, we will learn to play drums, we will learn amazing sounds and play unknown instruments.

Full moon celebration

Days and nights to celebrate the magic of this little paradies

Days.. and nights! to celebrate the magic of this paradise, to get to know the philosophy, the constructions, the objects and the sensations of this Valle, to get together with people alike and enjoy these special nights. Rhythm and music will be with us every day. We will experience the elementary energy of the rhythm, we will learn how to play drums, we will get to know amazing sounds and learn how to play unknown instruments, we will sing power songs and we will do music jams in which everybody wil be able to feel part of a common wave of rhythm and sound.

Summer in paradise

Wellbeeing, creativity, learning... in a flow

Because of personal reasons we are not able to offer the here announced workshops this year Still we will celebrate this special moment as usual. Part of the creative activities will still be available. As result the fee is dramatically reduced. Joining 7 days or more the complete daily fee will be 28 €. -----------------------------------------------------------

Drum making

Make your own drum and learn how to play it

Making your own drum is a fascinating experience. To create its body with all your love, see how it comes together with the leather and hear its first sound ... Your contact with your instrument will be a different one. It won't be anymore an alien object with which you may not even know what to do without "knowing" the "right way" of doing it. It will be your very own drum and you will be able to experiment full of curiosity, and listen to what it is telling you, letting yourself be guided by its touch, its sound and its rhythm.