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Rent the lab

Enjoy the entire Ecovillage environment of Valle de Sensaciones for your tribal gatherings, communal celebrations, group processes or other activities. We offer the entire ecovillage laboratory with all its infrastructure, nature and sensations where you can create the lifestyle and the experience of your choice. By taking over Valle de Sensaciones for a longer period of several weeks or even months, while caring about your own supply, you can enjoy low costs. We offer additional services, in case you prefer not having to care about providing all needed resources and about covering all tasks needed for such a natural and communal lifestyle.

Please get in contact with us via for further information about our terms and conditions. Here are few examples for using the Ecovillage laboratory as....

You plan to initiate your own Ecovillage or community? You have a group already and look forward to purchasing a property together? At the Valle de Sensaciones you might have the opportunity to live together some time beforehand, and find out if you are well prepared and found the right constellation, before spending huge amounts of money and even getting bank loans for your own project.
You already live together as community and struggle on the challenges of daily life? Missing the spark of community spirit or a greater vision? Take time off as a community and work on your issues in a totally different environment.
In 2016 we had NextGEN renting our laboratory for 3 month. This is the youth organisation of the Global Ecovillage Network, consisting of Youngsters who grew up in ecovillages or who are attracted by living in an ecovillage one day. They used the space to further develop their ideas about Ecovillage living, in this neutral Ecovillage environment.
You have workshops to offer which fit well to natural living in partly challenging climate conditions? Wildlife courses, Manager training, Shamanism etc.? It might be a perfect fit using our laboratory for several weeks or even months especially during winter.