el Valle de Sensaciones

Musical instruments

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Geometric treehouse with sound


Sounds are living between roots and branches

Awake the sounds which are dreaming in cavities and niches and between the roots. Achim found this ancient olive tree which was hanging out in an artificial lake in Portugal. It must have stayed for a long time in the depths of the sea, until its rotten roots brought it to the surface. The many holes that it has tell about its maybe millenarian history. Now there is a sound dreaming in each of those holes and is waiting for you to discover it.

Space sound string

The magic sound of infinity

There is a 50 meter long musical string running over the middle point. It is tied on the eucalyptus tree on the other side of the valley. Its sound reaches the pentagonal resonance room through an aluminium stick. Due to the length of this string, its basic pitch, this means its basic vibration, is so slow that it cannot be heard by the ear, but it can be seen by the eyes.

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Drum making

Make your own drum and learn how to play it

Making your own drum is a fascinating experience. To create its body with all your love, see how it comes together with the leather and hear its first sound ... Your contact with your instrument will be a different one. It won't be anymore an alien object with which you may not even know what to do without "knowing" the "right way" of doing it. It will be your very own drum and you will be able to experiment full of curiosity, and listen to what it is telling you, letting yourself be guided by its touch, its sound and its rhythm.