el Valle de Sensaciones


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Horno solar

Solar oven

Horno solar

Solar oven

Medicine wheel of the senses

An artistic, sensual, spiritual park

In the medicine wheel of the senses, a lot of spaces are awaiting to be discovered. They invite to: Open your senses for this journey. Open to the quality and power of each of these spaces. Experiment the thousand and one possibilities of the objects, with the curiosity and playfulness of a child, but also with respect and care. Feel what they offer for you to see, hear, smell, feel, and discover their secrets with open senses.

Chakra-mandala path

An artistic path along our energetic powerspots

The access to the medicine wheel of the senses goes along the chakra-mandala-way, in which the visitor walks across the seven chakras in an ascendant way. Each of the artistic mosaics has a diameter of 1.2 meters and has one or more precious stones. It is an invitation to take your time and feel in a meditative way the energy of each of the chakras.

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Creating paradises

Permaculture, Landart, Creative green building,... while tuning into the sense of well-being

What a wunderfull dream.... living in paradise. ...in a place with amazing beauty, where all beings are living together in harmony where one can find magic places and spaces, which are aporting wellbeing by there selfclimatisation, where healthy food is growing in abundance, where the sun and the water generate our energy.... and where even objects can be found inviting to get involved with all fecetes of culture, artworks, musical instruments,... where there are workshops to be creative, where the people live in comunity; giving joy and support to each other,