el Valle de Sensaciones

Mandala roof

Panoramic view of the Octagono

A 3 dimensional Sensacion

Panoramic view of the Octagono

A 3 dimensional Sensacion

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an artistic little house

A small hexagonal house of just 11 square meters. Its walls are build with local clay, whereas a different mixture and technique has been used on each of the sides, so as to experiment with the process and its result. The floor is made with stones from the river, fixed with the same clay, and a coat of linseed oil make it water resistant.


the heart of the valley

The octagon is the central space of Valle de Sensaciones. Thanks to its design it suits different uses: its a space for meeting as well as for doing workshops, it is also the kitchen and a turns into a dance floor when we party. We can tear off two of its walls and make it into a half open space for summer. Thanks to its central hole on the mandala roof and its vaporizing ground it keeps a nice climate in summer. It is made of 90% materials from our own land: clay, olive and ash beams, crushed reed, esparto and rush.

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Beautyfull lodges from recycled material

Building a sound sunroom, with glas wood and a mandala roof.

Low Budget Mini House Workshop

Living in a tiny home

Mini houses are very trendy, this concept provides us with opportunities for cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly interior design. Mini homes are economical to maintain and low in energy consumption, the structures can be realized in a small space or can be constructed on mobile platforms. Learn how to build your own mini home Here are few of the topics you`ll learn about how to design and build your home in the most cost effective and ecological way which materials are best from an ecological point