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Join Resonancia Community

Apply and get part of a unique experience

Are you interested in joining our project?

Before applying, please ensure that you have carefully studied the following information:

Community in Resonance: Gain awareness about entering a real-life situation.

Our agreement field: Understand the agreements and reflect on your availability.

The rental terms: Read about payments, rules and other terms.

If you agree to all, we will be very happy to receive your application.

First: User account To proceed, kindly log in or create an account. Your information will be securely stored on our website, allowing our team members access to the relevant details.

Following that, you can become a part of our agreement field by confirming all agreements here.

Response: After receiving your forms, we will come back to you.

If we determine that you are well-prepared to join the Resonancia Community, we will grant you access to reservations or sign-ups at your convenience.

Alternatively, if we sense that you may benefit from additional guidance in navigating this unique environment, you may be required to sign up for specific events or seek coaching from one of our affiliated coaches to facilitate your entry into the community.

In any case, completing the above forms can be an enriching procedure. Many individuals have expressed gratitude for the self-reflection inspired by our forms, regardless of our approval.

Upon the submission of a suitable application, you will gain access to additional content on our website, providing you with a deeper insight into our community life.

Contact: In case you have previous questions you can send us a contact form.