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Join the community field

take part in the comunitarian exploration of the unpredictable

Under the concept of 'Resonancia Community' Achim opens the by him created artistic environment for an ongoing communal dynamic between selected participants.

It is meant as an experiment, giving space to the flow of change, unpredictable dynamics, and the alchemy between people of different backgrounds and tribes. Hoping for resonance to take place and inspire our hearts and lives.

It also aims to offer a temporary, periodic or long-term home base to loving dreamers, cultural visionaries, sensual artists, erotic explorers, nomadic facilitators, and ecovillage activists who are vibrating with the call.

Jump into the unpredictable

If you decide to join the project besides programmed events you will step into a real-life experience. We can not predict how many people will be present, nor what is the dynamic or focus of each moment.

The only thing we can guarantee is that what you find here is authentic and not made up or pushed to meet anybody's expectations, nor to be able to put a high price tag on a fancy named promotion. Instead, each of us, and together as a group, will have the freedom to co-create our experience, and be part of an adventure, experiencing unpredictable and unique moments and hopefully a common resonance to unfold.
This unique environment, its art, its sensations, its nature, and the welcoming local village sure will nurture your experience to be enrichening.

Read more about the concept of "Resonancia Community"

Creating a protected environment with a unconventional cultural codex

For joining the community field you need to enter our agreement field. Finding yourself in a circle of people where all are acting in accordance to the agreements creates a protected cultural context that supports each one to step into authentic and honest expression, and together explore and learn human interaction in such a safe container.

The most significant agreements are about
- stepping into full responsibility for the nature of your experience, with the awareness to be the creator of your own emotions, thoughts, and processes while working on the ability to acknowledge and communicate your needs and boundaries.
- letting go of unconsolidated expectations, judgments, blame, drama, and violent communication.
- entering a deep and honest communication, while getting transparent about your emotions, desires, challenges and processes.
- creating freedom and consciousness about love, relationships, sensuality, and sexuality, where nudity, any gender identity, and free, authentic or creative erotic expression are welcome.

'Building community', 'opening up for resonance', 'local integration', 'living with the earth', 'spirituality', and 'economy' are also agreed upon with the goal to create a field of consciousness, freedom and connection.

an organisative framework for usage, tasks and contributions

The Community environment consists of different areas of which usage and desired dynamics are defined differently for each space: the Resonance hub, Valle de Sensaciones, Gecko house, and hopefully more in the future.

To join the community field it is needed to get a Member of our association, which can happen in different ways: As long-term Inhabitant, as a short-term Guest, or for the ones settling in the neighborhood by joining the Dedicated circle or the Open circle.

Each member can step into different Roles: On Lodgers, there is a limited expectation about taking responsibility, while Keepers assume the responsibility for the household and common spaces, enjoying a significant economic reduction. Hosts are taking care of guests and people newly stepping in. The Team covers basic functions based on payment or work-exchange.

An Economic Contribution is given in different levels: The Basic contribution covers the usage of the environment, the needed resources and the basic food. The Room rent is given in case you want to occupy a provided living space. The Hosting fee compensates the effort for receiving guests and is evaluated by each host.

Joining for a few weeks, or exceptionally even shorter.

To enter our community field we wish you to stay at least 2 weeks, so we have time that the resonance with you can unfold and we may create depth in our contact. Receiving people for shorter periods is exceptional and might happen in case you are a friend of somebody who is already present, you awaken a special interest through the presentation of your personality or skills, or you are able to tease one of the available hosts nicely ;-)

For a short-term participation be prepared to make a daily contribution of around 25 €, with the basic food supply included. (~ 20 € in case coming with a motorhome or sleeping in our summer star-beds)

Joining for months, making it your optional base or even your home

You are very welcome to reserve your place for one, two, or three months and then extend your stay as long as your presence is felt as vibrating nicely with the communal dynamic. Once we created a trustful contact we are happy to reserve your place for half a year or more.
Still, the provided environment does not offer the conditions for many fully established inhabitants. If you are a perfect fit, you might end up having your definitive space in one of the already provided spaces. But most likely, if after many months with us, you are interested in fully settling, we will encourage you to rent your own apartment or to purchase one of the many houses or plots in the neighborhood (as some friends already did).

The monthly contribution is between 200 and 450 €, all extra costs and basic food supply included.
If hosting guests, getting part of our team, or organizing events here you might create an income that covers part or all of your contribution.

Bringing different cultural movements into one resonance field

We especially invite members of tribes and interest groups that we perceive as closely related. In this section we are dedicating special words to each of them:

Ecovillage dwellers and activists,       Artists,  Musicians,
ISTA practitioners,       Kinky, Poly, Queer folks,        Radical fearies,     Gaia-tribe,      Digital nomads

Presenting yourself so we can evaluate if its a good fit
Please fill out our detailed form which gives us an idea about your personality, previous experiences, and ideas. We are selecting people aiming to make sure they can tune into the community field nicely or if we actually see ourselves able to support their integration. Even if actually we might not invite you, this form can be a great catalyst for getting more clarity about your own intentions and capacities. So we hope it's for your benefit anyhow.

In case you are still not registered on our website,
please use this link