el Valle de Sensaciones

A new we

A new we

Documenting 10 ecovillages and ecological communities in 8 European countries


I feel so massively grateful

I feel so massively grateful to have been a part of this group. Though I am a wohnratgeber, I used to spend most of the time in such a way.

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Another thing to know Pelion ..

Such a great opportunity to entice tourists flock to this area throughout the year. This place is unlike any other Greek island filled and all around you are flora and fauna to admire exotic. πηλιο διακοπες has about 70 villages and most of them you will find a charming hotel.


Compassion their essence furthermore possibility is inherent for a conscious existence beside quality. Whether it be crafty also creating the arrange, a yard or biotopes; edifice homes plus bathrooms or generating plus making habituate of spirit; be it via artistic word or in the continuous interaction along the milieu.
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