el Valle de Sensaciones

Summer in paradise

Summer in paradise

Wellbeeing, creativity, learning... in a flow

Because of personal reasons we are not able to offer the here announced workshops this year
Still we will celebrate this special moment as usual. Part of the creative activities will still be available. As result the fee is dramatically reduced. Joining 7 days or more the complete daily fee will be 28 €.


During the summer we open up the place for everybody who likes to enjoy its sensations in a flowing way. We offer a fusion of activities and teachings about permaculture, green building, ecotecnology, solar cooking, geodesic domes, treehouses, living construction, the medicine wheel, massage, LandArt, mosaic, clay construction and much more. The program will be adapted to the dynamics of the group and the desires of each participant.
Music, rhythm, spontaneous parties, dancing,... will be contious elements to make us enjoy and grow. While the talkingstick and our comunity-mandala help us to create an intense personal conection and to feel the circle as our family.

The frame of this event is designed in a way that also we, who are running this place, can feel the paradise. With this vibe we are going to share our knowledge and inspiration.
The courses and guided activities will be offered in a relaxed rhythm.
There will be space for the communal dynamics, which we feed with spontanous teachings and animations.

Participants arrival is posible the first of August and then every Monday and Friday.

During the whole event we will be dedicated to different creative projects, which allow participants to experience clayconstruction, mosaics, and various types of creation with nature whenever you feel like.

Our claybath will be always inviting for a extraordinary sensual experience.


Basics of participating

Valley of Sensations is dedicated to the experimentation, the development and the learning of a way of life and a way of creative activity in unity with nature.
In order to have a legal framework, and not to enter any restricted and conditioned tourist category, this project is made up exclusively by the members of the association Valle de Sensaciones.
We offer ways of getting temporarily associated, even for single days, so we can facilitate the integration of new people.

The experimental development is made in various levels, such as:

  • life en full touch with nature
  • taking full advantage of natural resources and materials
  • creation and use of artistic, as well as sustainable, constructions and spaces
  • creation and use of systems of eco-technology
  • living together and human communication
  • living together and cooperating with other beings

We do not offer lodging and support in an usual tourism style. If you decide to spend some nights at this place, may it be under the stars or in the artistic spaces, or if you decide to share the kitchen, toilette, or the showers with us, you do that on the concept of taking part consciously and willingly in a project of experiential experimentation.

Whoever is taking part in this project should be conscious that he/she is entering a non-conventional environment, and this requires total attention and caution on accidents and on causing any hurts to yourself or to aliens.

Economic contribution

The monetairy contribution of the participants are destinated to cover the expenses of this project and to allow its continous development. There isn't any contribution which is related in any way to the accommodation, gastronomie or any other turistic aspect, as we are not a hostel, a camping nor anything simular. If you decide to spend some nights in this valley, in its artistic spaces or below the stars, or if you decide to share our kitchen, the compost toilet, the showers,... with us, you do it under the concept of a consious and voluntary participantion in a project of experimental living.

The contribution is composed by several fees which you heave to sum :

Association fee

For taking part in our project you have to get member of our association, which might be temporary. We offer 4 types of membership:
Weekly membership: 44 €. We are not offering daily membership anymore, but still you can join for any number of days. Like this we recompense the high effort of integrating new people into our living and creative activity. After the first week you can continue by weekly memberships or extend your stay by single days contributing 7 €.
Year's membership: 111 €. It includes an active participation of 21 days* which can be enjoyed separatly or even a whole month in case it is a continuous participation. Like that, for example, you can join 10 times for 2 or 3 days. After you enjoyed all included days you can add single days for 4 € a day. Also we invite you to our assemblies.
Intensive year's membership: 333 €. Includes an active participation during a not limited number of days, whenever we open up the valley. (We garanty opening up for a minimum of 150 days a year). The fee of our events will be reduced to 50%.
Membership in our team: without fee. It is offered excusively to people who did colaborate intensively already.

children up to 14 years: 50% / up to 3 years: free.
This contribution is used to run the project: All infrastructure maintenance / Materials and tools for creative activities / External services required / Expenses for project management and external communication. (This fund is managed by the Association)

Community fund

11 € per day*. Posibility of reduced fees** (8 €, 5 €, 3 € or nothing), in case that the participants are giving an significant input on other levels.
If you bring new participants and you care about their integration, the contribution will be just 5 €. In case you bring two participants the fee will be 0.

children up to 14 years: 7 € / up to 5 years: 4 € / up to 2 years: free
All expenses that arise directly from the presence of a group of people are shared among those who participate: Buying food and hardware / Transport expenses related / Cleaning / Replacement for damages or wear. (This money is directly managed by the people in the place).

Events' fees:

See announcements to find out about aditional fees for our events.
Because of the "crisis" we offer half event fee to people of a age up to 35, from Spain, Portugal, Greece or 3rd world countries.
This fees cover the organizating costs for the events: Instructors, management, advertising, travel expenses, etc.. (This fund is handled by the workshops instructors. They, depending on the kind of event, hand out from nothing and 50% to the Association).


We are happy about donations. If you join under the concept of "Life to see" there is a donation requiered.
To crystallize this ambitious project we would like to encourage those who value and enjoy our work to support it within their means. Particularily, concerning the individual visitors who come to "experience" what this place offers, we expect that they provide reasonable donations.

*) Natural days are counted. Which means that as much the arrival day is counted, as the depature day, independent of the duration of you presence on theese days. In case you arrive during the official hours of arrival, we wouldn't count the arrival day because it gives us the chance to do the introduction coletively.
**) The reduction of the fee to the community budget is done retroactivly. If this is your desire we can hand you back part or all of the fee at the end of each week. This is valorated by the core team in tune with your practical input. Just with well known participants we can agree on a prior reduction.
***) The reduction because of the integration of new participants can be extended to a maximum of 7 days and it is offered exclusivly to people with a calendula, fresno, cerezo or olivo symbol

Nota: If you are not feeling o.k., with supporting the existence of such a project with your economic contribution, parallel to your practical participation, we ask you to abdicate of your participation. The colective financiation is an unevitable aspect of this project. We wish to recieve the contribution voluntarily and from your heart.

What would be the total contribution in my case?

Choose a way of participation which suits to your situation and to your wishes. Under "economic contribution" you find the different fees and what they are used for. To figure out the total contribution you have to add them.
Basically there is the membership fee, which funds the maintainance and growth of the project, and which depends on the type of membership you choose.
Next to the contribution into the community fund, which is paying the current expenses of the communal living.
Depending on the event for which you sign up, you might have to add the event fee.
If you take part under the concept of "life to see" without any expectation of getting involved into the running projects, we are expecting an extra donation.


Participation for a weekend: Membership fee of 44 € plus 33 €* into the community fund = 77 €. If you are a carpenter, gardener or simular, so that you can give an effective input from the beginning, it might be that we refund the contribution into the community fund. (Results in 15 to 26 € a day*)

Collaborating for a week: Membership fee 44 € plus 77 € into the community fund. If the collaboration is effective we refund part or all of the contribution into the community fund. All in all between 44 and 121 €. (results in 6 to 17 € a day*)

Monthly collaboration: Membership fee 111 €. Weekly you would have to give 77 € into the community fund of which we refund part or all depending on your collaboration. Mostly this is resulting in 111 € to 200 € a month (3,60 to 6,70 € a day*)

Periodic participation on weekends: Yearly membership fee 111 € (covers up to 7 weekends) plus 33 € into the community fund on each weekend. If you know Valle de Sensaciones allready and you bring 2 friends, there is no contribution into the community fund requiered. (Results in 5,30 to 16 € a day*)

Periodic participation on weekends under the concept 'life to see': Yearly membership fee 111 € plus 33 € into the community fund plus a minimum donation of 33 € on each weekend. (Results in minimum 27 € a day*)

Intensive workshop of one week: Membership fee 44 € plus 77 € into the community fund plus workshop fee (Example: 222 €). All in all: 343 €. (daily*: 49 €)
For spanish people of up to 35 years (reduced workshop fee): All in all: 232 €. (daily*: 33 €)

A all-embracing experience and formation: Yearly membership 333 € which reduces the workshop fees to 50% (even reducing again already reduced fees) Somit wird die Workshopgebühr auf. 50 % reduziert (auch die schon reduzierte Gebühren!) plus the contribution into the community fund
Example: Weekly workshop (222 €) with half fee, 111 € plus 77 € = 189 €. A 30 years old spaniard would pay 55 € + 77 € = 132 €.

Collaboration in the core team: (This oportunity might be offered after some weeks or month of effective collaboration). Without membership fee. An contribution into the community fund might be requiered temporarily in case you like to enjoy a fase of less intensive collaboration.

* Natural days are taken as basis. That means that Friday to Sunday counts as 3 days.
If you arrive during official hours of arrival there won't be a contribution to the community fund requiered on the arrival day.

How to sign up

If you want to join the project for the first time, you have to inscribe in an event of your choice. To do so you have to register first as a member in the website and then you cansign up to any event.

To book your assistance for a workshop or any other event, we ask you to transfer to our bank the association fee.

It is also possible to get inscribed for an event without transferring any money, but in this case we cannot guarantee your assistance. So you risk not being able to take part in case all places are taken, the same way we take the risk that you don't show up.

If you decide afterwards not to take part in the event, we will not return you the association fee, since it is the management fee.

If due to some unexpected cause the event doesn't take place, you can choose between two options:

  • We give you the money back,
  • or you can leave that money for any other future occasion. In this case the value of the fee paid gets doubled (for example if you pay in advance for a participation of 3 days, it would then be valid for the association fee of 6 days).

We keep the right to cancel any event or reservation for any other type of participation, if there aren't enough partakers, if the climate conditions are extremely bad, or for illness or other personal or organizational reasons.

In case of cancellation we will right away inform all the people inscribed.
Should this not be possible, we offer the possibility of enjoying and participating in a different way. This would then have its appropriate fee. In any case, you will always be able to get your advanced money back, or keep it for a future occasion, doubling its value.


Part of the participants and some users of our website are given a special symbol, which corresponds to our impression or experience about them. The symbols come from the world of the plants and grant some privileges while joining our project or using our websites.

Flowers - Personal characteristics

Daisy ( Margarita)

A small flower that we have gifted one another, as if we were children.
We give this flower to people who have drawn our attention by the way they have introduce themselves. It gives access to some privileged content of this page (e.g. photos of our life).


A beautiful flower that graces the vegetable garden and gives lots of good qualities for health and nourishment.
We give this one to people who have bring about a special and good atmosphere while being with us.
Getting this flower allows you to take part with some privileges in some of our events, .

Rose (Rosa)

Love flower that enchants by its fragrance.
We give this one to our closest friends.
It gives the privilege of taking part in the Valley of Sensations in a free and spontaneous way. Their presence is a pleasure for us, asides the program.

Branches - Collaboration

Cane (Caña)

The common cane is a plant that grows quickly and profusely in humid areas. Its tubular structure and its flexibility makes it very suitable for construction and handicrafts.
In this context, cane is a symbol for possible collaborators. We give it to people that have drawn our attention by their introduction and previous experience.
It gives privilege for getting inscribed in some events of practical character under special conditions.

Ash (Fresno)

Ash wood combines high resistance with great flexibility.
This makes it ideal for tool handles. Ash is honouring people who collaborated in Valley of Sensations with great effective. It gives the privilege of inscription to certain events under special conditions and to take part in the planing of future projects.

Fruits - Creativity

Medlar (Nispero)

The medlar is the first fruit of the spring. Its beautiful leaves give a good shadow.
We give it to creative people for the presentation of their work.
It gives the privilege of presenting their works in this web page and take part in some events dedicated to artistic processes under special conditions.

Cherry (Cerezon)

The cherry tree is a beautiful tree that enchants our senses with its flowers, its fruits and its beautiful wood.
It honors the artists, creators, musicians .... who have enriched the Valley of Sensations with their creativity.
It gives the privilege to present the own work, take part in the events dedicated to artistic processes under special conditions and take part of the planing of future projects.

Trunk - Responsibility

Olive-tree (Olivo)

The olive tree is a tree that grows slowly, strongly and is very lasting. Its wood, fruits and leaves have high qualities.
The olive honours the people that make this project possible with its support or work.


Dos años más tarde... / Two years later...

Este verano hará dos años desde que estuve en el Valle.. Desde entonces, he estado en distintos lugares, paises.. he conocido nuevas personas.. visto viejos amigos.. he seguido explorando la vida... Y da igual cuanto tiempo haya transcurrido.. que cada vez que pienso en el Valle, me llena un sentimiento de hogar.. Es un lugar donde desde el primer momento se siente uno en la comodidad de la naturaleza, de la harmonia y de una pareja que te acoge con el mayor respeto y transparencia.
About real or virtual visit?: 
I have been in Valle de Sensaciones