el Valle de Sensaciones

Eco technology

A new we

Documenting 10 ecovillages and ecological communities in 8 European countries

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Horno solar

Solar oven

La noria

Beautyfull use of hidraulic energy

Horno solar

Solar oven

La noria

Beautyfull use of hidraulic energy

El bicho

Bicycle Washingmachine Sculpture

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Solar sculpture

Surprising functions in the crazy energy structure

The energy from the sun is transformed into electric energy by some solar panels build into the sculpture. You can follow this process through some measuring electronic instruments which are visible through a glass. This installation feeds the complete illumination of the garden.

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All the aspects of this project

The best moment to learn about the project “Valle de Sensaciones”. We will introduce this wide project at all levels. We will walk around the area learning about all the buildings, objects and landscape's creations. We will introduce all the aspects of the project. We will feel all the sensations that are awaiting us in every object of the valley. Rhythm and music will guide us every day. We will experiment the basic energy of the rhythm, we will learn to play drums, we will learn amazing sounds and play unknown instruments.

Taller GAIA

Weaving dreams with Water, Earth, Air and Fire

Water, air, earth and fire are the 4 elements around which our life is based. Understanding their character and potential is basic for a conscious life with nature. Whether it be designing and creating the place, a garden or biotopes; building houses and toilets or generating and making use of energy; be it through artistic expression or in the continuous interaction with the environment.

Solar cooker

Healthy foot made with solar energy

Imagine: it is summer, the heat of the sun is burning, and you are cooking your food with a little fire. Ok, you know it, right? it is a waste of energy. Between spring and autumn we get so much solar energy, that it makes it really easy to get advantage of it for cooking. There are different concepts for the making of solar kitchens, solar ovens, and water boilers. You can even build some models with 100% recycled materials.

Day of sensations

Presentation of the project and its sensations

A walk through the land, presenting its constructions, objects and places. We will explain the reason behind things and enjoy their charm. We will be also making some music, playing the drums and getting together with everybody in our medicine wheel. Kids are welcome. From 11 in the morning until 8 in the evening. Participating is free. Donatios are welcome.


working together, to realize extraordinary creations

We are going to work together in this artistic project and its objects. Experienced creators are welcome to bring in and develop their capacities. Other interested people have a change to learn a lot, while colaborating fittingly to their abilities.

Recycling compost toilets

Create beautyfull and ecologic toilet from recycled materials