el Valle de Sensaciones

Solar sculpture

The energy from the sun is transformed into electric energy by some solar panels build into the sculpture. You can follow this process through some measuring electronic instruments which are visible through a glass. This installation feeds the complete illumination of the garden.

This sculpture has also other seven surprising and even crazy functions. An integrated electronic installation captures acoustic signals and triggers them independently from their pitch. And as if this sculpture wouldn't be crazy enough you may find someone around making some odd sounds and experimenting with different tones.
They trigger all the peculiarities of this sculpture :

A double helix made out of two spirals which lay together in opposite directions is turning around. While it is twisting it seems that one helix whirls up whereas the other one seems to whirl down. This double helix is the dynamic symbolization of the simultaneity of opposite aspects. So to say, a moving Ying-Yang.

Water shoots out of a jet and hits the visitor quite often.

A ventilator blows a powerful breeze. If you manage to activate the ventilator through your sounds, right after the shooting of the water you will be very happy, specially in June.

And ... look, a signal light is turning around on the top of the sculpture.

A circular rain maker starts turning around while some stones in a plastic tube imitate the sound of the rain.

An optic wheel starts moving creating some optical effects, which lets this flat glass appear as to be three dimensional.

And as culmination, the shoulder-hitter starts its encouraging job. A mechanic hand claps on the singer's shoulder and rewards his effort. This mechanic can be adjusted to any height, since reinforcement is good for tall as well as for short people!

And all of this (how could it be different?), is run by the solar energy of the sculpture.