el Valle de Sensaciones


Element fire
The sun, light, warmth
The male principle, power, motivation, new beginning, action in the outer
Creativity, freedom, zest

The East is made up from a big triangle, which is made out of three smaller triangles surrounding a hexagon.
A fireplace on the centre invites you to feel the element fire close to your skin. The hexagonal sitting bench makes up a good frame for a circle of people to enjoy fire parties and ceremonies. Playing drums together is a perfect celebration which express the power of the East.

A metal sculpture brings the energetic principle of the flames into expression and at the same time builds a nice space for keeping wood dry.

The triangle is oriented to the East and holds in its centre the sunrise mandala.
A fiery mosaic with a rock crystal in its centre. This surface is perfect for celebrating meditatively the sunrise and the power of the sun.

A triangle sandbox invites you to letting free flow to your creativity, playing around with the little stones, shells and other objects and creating some sand images.